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Here they are--the first three books of The Net thriller series. All received Five-Star awards from Readers' Favorite. The Net Conspiracy's award said: "A conspiracy thriller that will have you biting your nails and holding your breath. Packed with action and filled with rich details." The Hainan Conflict's said: "It has every ingredient I look for in a novel: intelligent, brave protagonist; cold, calculating villain; scenes so descriptive I felt I was there; tension and suspense, exploding with action."

Where do I get story/character ideas? Well, personal experiences while living in China, for a start. Then, news. Yes, there's a lot more truth than fiction in these books. For example, the following are true:

  • The United States sponsored judicial training for China's judges when China received permanent normal trade status with the World Trade Organization.
  • A strange woman came to our door while we taught at Peking University, claiming to be a news editor with knowledge of terrorists in south China.
  • In the past, China's judges were often required to rule based on the dictates of their superiors--not necessarily the law.
  • Counterfeiting and corruption are problems impacting China's foreign business relationships.
  • A Russian virologist did sell bio-weapons to Iraq; a strain of deadly smallpox was purposefully released in a populated area of Kazakhstan; China did cover up the SARS pandemic the summer of 2001.
  • Hainan Island has many caves, previously used by the Women's Army; military training was conducted along Yalong Bay; there is a primitive Li culture village with a matriarchal society and the leaders faces are tattooed; there was a modern computer setup in a makeshift tent in the village.
  • A top-secret US spy plane did collide midair with a Chinese fighter jet on April 1, 2001, and was forced to land on Hainan. News reports between China and the US differed greatly.

About the Author

Coffman specializes in clean (flinch-free) quick read suspense novels without offensive language, graphic sex or extreme violence. The Net thriller series is based on experiences while living in China including being hospitalized in Guangzhou with SARS1 while the government covered it up, then separated from her husband in quarantine in Beijing during SARS2.

DM and her husband taught China's judges in the World Trade Organization's Judicial Training Program and university students at Peking University with Brigham Young University's China Teachers Program. DM served for seven years as an editor and foreign consultant on English educational texts produced by Peking University and China's Ministry of Education. Prior to China, DM and her husband worked in the legal profession in Washington, DC. They now enjoy retired life in the Utah Rocky Mountains with family, two rescued dogs, and an old tabby cat named Ebeneezer.

Readers' Favorite Five-Star Award said recently of The Panama Contagion: "When you read a book as intricately plotted, with as much technical and political information as depicted in The Panama Contagion, you find yourself wondering how the author knows so much about China. Coffman's knowledge is the result of living and working there for four years, coupled with her background in the US legal profession. But she also has experienced first-hand the devastating effects of SARS, wearing masks and quarantine, all of which qualifies her to write her latest fiction thriller. Her style is polished, her scenes well-rendered and her characters believable. Fans will snap this one up and love every bit of it."


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Carousel imageHere is my latest book, which received a five-star review from Reader's Favorite: Above the Best: The Remarkable Life of Seeley E. Ralphs a biography about my father's life. He lived according to the motto of his graduating class at the California Highway Patrol Academy “with wisdom and courage” in serving his country and the people around him even after he retired from the CHP force. His military career was also a hallmark in his life and flying played a significant part. He flew privately as well as for the California Highway Patrol, the Army and the Navy, and he was an aeronautical engineer for the Air Force. As stated in the graduation song from his 1960 U.S. Army Aviation School class, he was one of the “flyboys of the Army . . . we’re the flying men ABOVE THE BEST.” He was an adventurous man who embraced a way of life filled with honor, patriotism, and a unique ability to not only try new things but to quickly excel at them. It is this spirit that set him on a variety of paths, becoming many things in his life: a motorcycle cop, a master aviator airplane and helicopter pilot, a traffic news reporter, an Army officer, and many more. He was exemplary in his courage, his focus, his sense of adventure and his drive. But this story begins with painful news: Seeley's days are numbered. He has metastasized melanoma. From pioneer roots and humble beginnings to flyboy and civil servant and many things in between, Seeley’s life was rich with exper-ience—a life that brought much inspiration and contribution to his community and his country. Tender and strong memories of the author’s childhood with this remarkable father are shared as Seeley’s daring life concludes down the path of cancer fighter.


“Above the Best: The Remarkable Life of Seeley E. Ralphs is an inspiring biography and a story that will encourage readers to give everything when they love something. Told in beautiful prose and with well-reconstructed dialogues, this book will stir the hearts of readers.”

--Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

“Coffman has written a novel that is high on suspense and introduces Asian cultural elements unfamiliar to most Americans. . . . I found the style quite similar to that of Tom Clancy . . . The story is powerful and keeps the reader turning pages, unable to put it down. The background is fascinating. . . . The characters are well-defined, the protagonists are likable, and even the bad guys are interesting. The plot moves forward in a fast-paced excellent fiction arc. Suspense and action readers will enjoy this one.”

--Jennie Hansen for Meridian Magazine

“The author writes in a concise, spare style with dialogue that flows authentically. Occasionally she throws in a few Chinese phrases, which are translated in the same sentence, adding a nice flavor to the dialogue. The chapters are short and cinematic in nature.”

--Rosemarie Howard for The Deseret News

“Holy Cow – I just finished a gooooood book this week that cost me a LOT of sleep. . . . I thoroughly enjoyed the Hainan Incident and I heartily recommend it. . . . It was well written, engaging, believable, even compelling.”

--Cindy Suelzle for What’s New with LDS Books n Things

The Whitney Award nominated suspense thriller The Hainan Incident is “a thrilling ride through modern terrorism and Chinese culture. Nonstop action makes it impossible to put this book down until you’ve turned the last page.”

--Traci Hunter Abramson, author